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Taren: Field Notes–Windsor Days 10-13

Field Notes
Windsor Day 10
Visit from Callie’s parents; introduced me as her friend. Observed rest of visit from a distance. Parents seem genuinely caring; Callie was glad to see them, sorry for them to go.

Sought me out afterward for a talk. Broached subject of voices. No admission but showed extreme interest.

Windsor Day 11

Admitted to hearing voices. Went through appropriate list (doesn’t mean she’s crazy, they can’t hurt if she doesn’t let them, etc.) Relieved to not be alone. Voices tell her to cut herself and stop when she complies. Contact confirmed she wasn’t admitted on suicide attempt. Preemptive measure by parents.

She says she can quiet the voices when I am close to her. Began teaching her other methods for when I am not present. Continue reading


Taren: Field Notes–Windsor Days 5-9

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Field Notes
Windsor Day 5
Confirmed Josh is too old. Callie tops my list of potentials. Made further inroads. Likes chocolate. Had contact smuggle some in for me to give to her. Gaining trust. No Mark observed.

Windsor Day 6

Mark confirmed. (inside right wrist) Other scars present–cutter? Explains long sleeves even when warm.
Unlikely to find two Marks on same mission, but will continue looking.

Windsor Day 7

Worst episode I’ve witnessed Callie have. Set off by fellow patient, Lauren, calling her a weirdo. Able to calm her somewhat before orderlies arrived. Seemed upset to be taken away from me. Progress. Continue reading

Taren: Field Notes–Windsor Days 1-4

Field Notes

Windsor Day 1

Intake with Dr. Shaw. Cover story went smoothly, paperwork in order.

Brief meeting with contact inside.

No potentials met.

Windsor Day 2

First group meeting. Several are the right age; three present with appropriate symptoms.

Leading candidate is Josh, though possibly too old. Will start “school” tomorrow.

Windsor Day 3

During class, a young girl approx 12 years old raced from room clutching temples. Went after her but was stopped by orderlies. She wasn’t at dinner; will arrange further contact.

Windsor Day 4

Potential’s name is Callie. Arranged to sit next to her during group. She is more than shy–withdrawn. Caught her muttering to herself. She stopped immediately.

Long sleeves/pants. No Mark observed.

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