Kat on Assignment Pt. 1

     Kat stopped wiping the counter of the snack bar long enough to inspect her manicure. Hopeless, she thought to herself. This job sucks.
     It wasn’t just her ruined manicure that had her hating life. Dressed head to toe in polyester–black slacks and black and white striped shirt–she was made to look like a referee. Granted, on more than one occasion the whistle that completed the ensemble had been useful to break up an argument over whose turn it was next, but otherwise all that synthetic fabric made her itch.
     Not that I’ve got anyone to impress, she thought, surveying the crowd at Sherman Oaks Castle Park.With 18 holes of miniature golf and all the latest video games, it’s fun for the whole family! Or so the website proclaimed. Kat couldn’t imagine herself ever having enjoyed spending an evening mini-golfing with her parents. The thought of her very cerebral mother trying to hit a ball into a windmill made her chuckle, though, and she wished her parents were in the country so she could see her try.
     It was Friday night which meant a) there were as many adults as kids, b) it was noisy beyond belief with bells, buzzers, and Dance Dance Revolution being played nonstop, and c) she’d be working too late to meet up with that cute girl she’d met the day before while she was out running.

Friday was a terrible night for her to get any work done, but the boss had made it clear that if she was going to work there at all, she had to work weekends, so here she was, pissy mood and all.

She knew she shouldn’t complain, Taren had it way worse–he couldn’t even go home at night from his assignments–but knowing someone else had a crappier situation didn’t serve to make Kat feel better.

She glanced up at the clock. Two more hours and she would be noise and polyester free.

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